Volatility Factor 2.0 PRO

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What’s Volatility-Based Trading? Every expert trader knows that the best Forex trading strategy is the one which combines 2 different tactics to take advantage of both market volatility and market trend. This concept is known as: Volatility-Based Trading.

This strategy generally trades in the direction of the trend. This decrease risk to its minimum and places the trader in the core of the action. In other isolated situations, the strategy calls for taking limited positions in anticipation of a correction.

In general, “Volatility Based Trading” takes advantage of the current market direction and boosts profit opportunities while reducing risk. This strategy consistently generates profits as the majority of the trades are opened in the direction of the trend.

At the same time, entry and exit points are estimated in mathematical relation to market volatility ranges. For this reason, this trading strategy has proved to be the most successful technique to consistently make profits in the Forex market.

How Volatility Factor 2.0 PRO Uses Volatility-Based Trading Strategy for Building a Consistent Profits:

Volatility Factor 2.0 is a specialized, unique and professional Forex robot designed to generate 10-20+ PIPs per trade. It relies on an extremely effective and powerful volatility-based market formula that’s been manufactured through a real-world testing. It has shown an impressive win rate during these test.

How Volatility Factor 2.0 PRO Works

Volatility Factor’s algorithm watches the market carefully and triggers trades that utilize market volatility. Power of the Volatility Factor EA originates from its super fast response and leveraging of the trend direction.

When Volatility Factor 2.0 recognizes a price move in certain direction, most of the time it open trades in the direction of the medium-term trend. It utilizes powerful and hypersensitive money management rules to protect risk for the trade until it’s closed with a profit. With leverage, returns in this strategy are amplified.

Additionally, it takes advantage of oscillations around the current price range, continuing to put in profits in your trading account.

17 Years of Back-Testing: 75% Win Rate & 1.60 Profit Factor

Volatility Factor 2.0 was tested during the worst global financial crisis since the Great Depression. This period saw wild gyrations in the currency markets and unpredictable “black swan” events that tested the global financial system.

In testing, Volatility Factor 2.0 delivered over 75% win rate in a 17-year period, with a profit factor close to 1.60!
It’s consistently turned a profit during that time and continues to generate incredible returns today.

Below is a 17 Years of Back-Testing for this Promising Robot:

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And below you will locate the live performance on a fully verified Myfxbook live money account updated in real time:

Volatility Factor 2.0 PRO Verified Myfxbook Results

Below is a Fully Verified Myfxbook Results for Volatility Factor 2.0 PRO Forex Robot:

Volatility Factor 2.0 Pro

Volatility Factor 2.0 PRO is able to Trade With The Minimum Amount of Money:

The recommended capital is $1,000-$5,000 to trade in forex in general. However, most people can not find that amount of money to get started in the forex trading career.

Taking this fact into consideration, Volatility Factor robot was designed to trade with the minimum amount of money.

The minimum amount depends to your broker too. You can start trading with a small amount as $100-$500. But do keep in mind that trading with a small amount may be problem because you’ll only be able to trade in small sizes.

Volatility Factor 2.0 PRO Features:

Top Features & Advantages of Volatility Factor EA 2.0 Pro:

  • Advanced Volatility Technology.
  • Supports 4 Currency Pairs.
  • Two Advanced Built-In Trading Strategies.
  • Advanced & Highly Efficient Money Management Systems.
  • Unique BROKER SPY Module.
  • 3 Intelligent Built-In Spread and Slippage Protection System.
  • Advanced High-Impact News Filter.
  • Trades All Accounts – MICRO, Mini, and Standard accounts.
  • Works with any MT4 Broker, ECN included.
  • Works with 4 and 5 Digits after decimal point.
  • Works with any NFA-Regulated Broker.
  • 100% Guaranteed Long-Term Profits.
  • Advanced Time Management System.
  • High Trading Activity & Frequency.
  • Volatility Factor EA review 2.0 Pro works on M15 time frame.

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